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“I would rather have something ugly and effective than something that’s beautiful or pretty that isn’t. Trust is at the core of marketing and basic human interaction.” - Wayne Mullins

“We shouldn’t be doing things for the sake of creativity. Rather, we should be focused on how to get effective results for our clients.”

  • Marketers can get trapped in the creative piece.
  • How do you measure that and make sure you’re fulfilling that goal?
  • The client’s cash register should have more money in it as a result of what you are doing, than less money.
  • If you pursue a single platform, it would be a losing game because the platforms are always going to change.
  • Focus on results.
  • “We don’t care which platform it is, we care about the results for the client.”
  • At the end of the day, most clients don’t care what method or what platform you’re using as long as it produces the long term results they are after.

To create trust, deliver on the results that were promised.

  • No client is going to hold you to blame if you’re very clear and up front about what they should expect and what you expect.

Some marketers focus on anything they can do to get money.

  • They create schemes, plans, and contracts.
  • If you treat clients well and set clear expectations, it eventually leads to more profitability, turns leads to referrals, and establishes loyalty.

What is the true definition of marketing?

  • Most people confuse marketing with advertising and use the words interchangeably.
  • Advertising is merely a piece, or component, of marketing.
  • Marketing is your ability to attract and to keep a customer.

Creating Leads and Retaining Them

  • We live in a world where every single person with a smartphone has the potential to become an evangelist of your brand. They will either speak for or against you on all platforms.
  • Based on research, the best customers come from word of mouth and referrals.
  • The Clock Method
  • Think of a clock as a customer’s progression within your brand.
  • 12:00 represents strangers.
  • 3:00 represents friends. They know about you and like you.
  • 6:00 represents customers. They trust you and this is where money changes hands.
  • 9:00 represents evangelists. The evangelists go out and tell their friends about you. That new lead skips the 12:00 and goes straight to the 3:00.

How do you turn average customers into evangelists? Ask yourself three questions.

  1. What is an ad or campaign we can run to get strangers to know and like us?
  2. What is an ad or campaign we can run to get them to like us?
  3. What is an ad or campaign we can run to build trust with those people?

We have to strip away the ego and look at what we are actually doing.

  • If you have too much ego to recognize the areas your business isn’t doing great in and you aren’t willing to change that, you will lose trust and clients.
  • Be humble enough to learn and grow. It’s a big sign of being a trustworthy brand.

When furious, get curious.

  • Turn that emotion into curiosity.
  • Is there something I am blinded by that I cannot see?
  • When seeking truth, trust is an automatic byproduct.
  • Learn from different perspectives and be willing to learn from others.
  • Ask questions! “What experience made you say that?”

You learn more from the campaigns that fail than you do the ones that succeed.

  • If you’re willing to dive into failure, there are so many valuable lessons you can learn from. You can then adjust your course of action.

Correlation vs. Causation

  • The only way you can focus on and separate those two things is to strip away the vanity metrics that make us feel good. Those metrics don't necessarily put money in the cash register.

“People would rather trust strangers they have never met, than trust you as a marketer or as a business owner.”

  • Money will not come without trust.
  • Trust is the factor between becoming an evangelist for a brand or not becoming one.

A marketer’s job is to make the sales job not needed.

  • When you do your job well, selling is no longer needed.

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