1. Create a Brand Guideline

If you are working to push your brand into the online world, you need a brand guideline. A brand guideline is a document or folder with all the elements of your brand.

It should include everything from your name and logo to your voice, values, message, font, theme colors, and visual styles. Anyone should be able to pick up your brand guideline and create a post, landing page, or other digital content that matches your brand.

2. Market Your Brand, Not Your Product

When you focus your marketing on a product, you are only going to sell one thing. Even with a successful campaign, you only sell that one thing. If you focus your digital marketing to sell your brand, you build brand awareness and equity.

You create interest in your brand that turns into loyal customers over time. Digitally marketing your brand means using social media, email marketing, website content, videos, and more to make people more aware of who you are and what you stand for.

3. Be Intentional With Social Media

Most companies know how important social media is to their branding and marketing. What they don't know is how to utilize that social media to their greatest advantage. The key to branding with social media is to be intentional.

Using your brand guideline and strategy, you should choose to only be on social media that compliment your company brand. You should also be intentional about the posts you create.

4. Broaden Your Brand to Embrace New Technology

New technology is constantly changing the digital marketing sphere. With the inclusion of things like augmented reality and virtual reality, digital marketing has expanded. You should consider broadening your brand to include these new forms of marketing and what that will look like in accordance with your brand guideline. Videos, podcasts, and blogs are a few ways to digitally expand your brand.

5. Be Consistent

The one key that will help you integrate your digital marketing and brand identity is to be consistent. A brand guideline will help enormously in doing so, but you have to be the final say in what is consistent with your brand and what isn't. An inconsistent brand is a forgotten brand.

Integrating your digital marketing will help you promote your brand, increase brand awareness, and boost your brand equity. Unfortunately, combining these two into a well-oiled machine can take time and expertise. If you want to weave your brand with your digital marketing, contact JMH Media today to learn how we can save you time and hassle while helping you grow your brand.

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