Content marketing fosters a relationship between a brand and its audience. According to consumer reports, 78% of consumers would rather get to learn about a company through its content rather than adverts, and a good content marketing strategy is a great way for companies to make the case directly to their customers. Engaging content speaks to your audience on your behalf, answering questions your audience seeks.

3 Top Content Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

1. Generating a Content Marketing Strategy

Creating content without a strategy is like walking in the dark without a flashlight. Short and long-term content strategies can help businesses to target their resources to a specific audience. When generating a content strategy, a brand needs to determine its buyer persona and generate a brand voice to effectively communicate with clientele. When a business has a solid strategy, it is easy to set milestones and goals and keep your customers engaged.

2. Blog Management and Content Optimization

Maintaining a company blog is one of the most straightforward ways of keeping your customers engaged. But with the other pressing tasks making demands on a business human resources, blog management is usually tossed to the side. To successfully maintain an engaging blog, the business needs to create a content calendar to track the production process and develop new ideas for future content.

The potential of blog posts will go to waste if no efforts are made to convert the blog's audience into loyal customers or clients. Successful blogs make good use of lead generation techniques by integrating effective lead magnets within the content to help reach more people and increase conversion rates. Companies can also make their websites and blogs more visible by optimizing content for search engines.

3. Social Media Marketing

With social media platforms boasting hundreds of millions of monthly users, the importance of developing a coherent strategy for this medium cannot be over-emphasized. Engaging audiences through social media requires consistently performing time-consuming tasks, but the results are usually worth the investment. As part of your business social media marketing framework, it is best to carefully gauge the various platforms and to choose platforms the ones that perform well for the organization.

When harnessed to the full, content can be a very powerful marketing tool, which can help businesses engage customers and generate new leads. Making good use of a content marketing strategy, blog management, and social media marketing can help businesses grow. At JMH media, we help brands design and maintain successful content marketing strategies. Contact JWH Media for a free strategy session today.

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